Joe was referred to our office by his wife Linda. Joe had been suffering from almost daily headaches for the last 3 years. After a thorough evaluation an x-ray of the cervical spine was performed, this showed a C1 C2 subluxation on the anterior open mouth view. The top two cervical vertebrae were rotated in the opposite direction. This was also felt on muscle palpation with tenderness at the top of the neck just below the back of the head. According to Joe’s wife he also ate a very poor diet with lots of fast food.

Since Joe is traveling a lot with his job and not normally in the area regular chiropractic treatments were out of the question. One of the things I recommended was that Joe start a gluten free diet and reduce his intake of fast food.

With only a couple of treatments and after 2 weeks of changing his diet Joe had some dramatic results. Joe had a very sensitive food allergy to gluten and it was manifesting itself with the symptoms of a headache. Staying away from gluten along with some ergonomic changes at work helped to reduce his neck tension. The combination showed some pretty incredible results in a very short time.

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Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

  • "I have referred patients to Dr. Anderson with forward head posture and headaches. His treatment along with information in the book has been invaluable and has shown great results."
    -Dr. David Qu, MD, Highpoint Pain & Rehabilitation Physicians PC / Chalfont PA
  • "The information that Dr. Anderson provides in his book is very helpful in eliminating the cause of many types of headaches. I highly recommend it for the lay person and professional alike!"
    -Dr. Daniel Skubick, MD, The Neurologic Group of Bucks/Montgomery County. LLP / North Wales, PA