Bill was referred to us by a former patient. His wife had seen a chiropractor in the past but had to convince her husband to come in. Bill is a brick layer and had been suffering from what appeared to be sciatica in his right leg for about 2 years. Recently Bill had noticed that his leg was getting weak.

            After evaluation I realized Bill was suffering from foot dropsyndrome, this is usually seen when there is moderate to severe nerve compression. At that point I immediately ordered a lumbar MRI before any treatment would begin. The results showed an extruded and calcified lumbar disc that was floating in the central canal compressing the L5 nerve root on the right side. At that point I immediately referred Bill to an orthopedic surgeon who I knew specialized in lumbar spine surgery. Two weeks later Bill had the extruded disc removed and his leg pain subsided.

            The reason I am including this in my case study is that not all problems can be corrected by chiropractic and diet, the most important visit is the initial evaluation and proper diagnosis. After 20 years in practice I knew Bill was one patient that needed medical attention.

            A few weeks after his back surgery, Bill stopped in to say thanks for referring him to the right doctor and to say he was pain free.

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  • "I have referred patients to Dr. Anderson with forward head posture and headaches. His treatment along with information in the book has been invaluable and has shown great results."
    -Dr. David Qu, MD, Highpoint Pain & Rehabilitation Physicians PC / Chalfont PA
  • "The information that Dr. Anderson provides in his book is very helpful in eliminating the cause of many types of headaches. I highly recommend it for the lay person and professional alike!"
    -Dr. Daniel Skubick, MD, The Neurologic Group of Bucks/Montgomery County. LLP / North Wales, PA